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Lila Devi is the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, the oldest flower essence firm within the U.S. and globally outside the U.K. since 1977. An engaging seminar leader with over 35 years’ experience, Lila lectures nationally and abroad.

Through experiential wisdom, humour, and music, she brings an expansive view of plants, animals and people to her seminars, radio shows, and television appearances.

Lila holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology and is considered one of the foremost flower essences developers in the world today. She lives at Ananda Village outside Nevada City, California.

She has authored 3 books:

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What Clients Are Saying
“Bailey is an 8-year-old grey hunter with a history of abandonment and mistreatment. He was very mistrusting of humans and animals alike, and very demanding of her owner’s attention. He didn’t like being left alone in the car or in the house (which he would trash to express his unhappiness and attract her owner’s attention). He was jealous of other pets. After 2 weeks on Grape Essence, he’s much calmer, affectionate and trusting. He’s a completely different dog. He hasn’t trashed the house.”
–Sara B., England

“ My cat, Iowa, is a rescue kitty who’s been with us since before his eyes opened. As he matured, he started striking out at people and scratching them as they walked by or being petted more than twice without any warning. I’m the only person he hasn’t done that. It’s been a problem for 14 years, and then I gave him your essences. He dropped that attitude within a month. now 15 and never strikes out at people. He lets total strangers pet him; he’s consistently changed by your flower essences. I’m so totally grateful. Thank you for what you’ve done to create them and to help the animals. And thank you for talking to me tonight. Take care. See ya.”
–A. Ayerman, North San Juan, CA

“I gave your flower essences to my mother’s cat who has a lot of anxiety issues, and her response has been amazing! My mom is so thrilled!!”
–A. Liven, Fairfield, IA

Hi, I met you at the shelter a few weeks ago, my akita is doing great on the Banana Essence. She’s so much better on it and eating better too!
–R. Palumbo, Director of Training, The Shelter Connection. Deer Park, NY