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Integrative Veterinary Center is proud to carry Leaning Dog Stuffies! They are lovingly hand made with hand washed fabrics made in the United States. Come on in and get yours today or visit LeaningDogStuffies.com 


Leaning Dog Stuffies Story

Leaning Dog Stuffies proudly makes handcrafted dog toys in Minden, Nevada, USA!  We make soft, squeaky toys from the most durable, washable fleece we can find.  All toys are made of prewashed fabric to remove the chemicals and dyes found in unwashed fabric.  We use American-made fleece when we can find it.  All toys are stuffed with American-made fiberfill, and come with freakishly durable squeakers tucked into their own fleece pockets for added longevity.

Our dog Jack (the leaning dog in our logo) died from lymphoma in 2011.  He is the inspiration for our toys.  While researching canine cancer, we read many articles about the chemicals our dogs are exposed to… from fertilizers in the lawn, to carpet cleaners, and a host of others.  So it occurred to us… what about those plush toys we buy at the pet store?  Made from imported fabric… usually made in foreign factories… shipped here in crates.  We wash our clothes, sheets, towels and other fabrics to get the chemicals out for ourselves, but we buy these toys and blissfully hand them to our pets to put in their mouths, chew them, and swallow the dyes and chemicals in the fabric. Once that occurred to us, we knew there had to be a better alternative… and Leaning Dog Stuffies was born.