Tour IVC

The Integrative Veterinary Center provides you and your pet with a peaceful, serene ambiance to naturally promote health and well being.

We have used feng shui principles to develop our center with natural light, chimes, classical music, natural essences, live plants and water fountains for your enjoyment and to calm and relax your pet.

Our parking lot is to the right of our building which has 2 iron sculptures at the entrance for your convenience, and feel free to let your pets have a potty break on our lawn as we have a garbage pale in front of the entrance door for any trash.


We pride ourselves in being a calming environment and hope you enjoy the peacefulness of our office. We want your pets to feel as if they are at their second home in our office. The staff at IVC we will do anything to accommodate you and your pet for your visit however short or long it may be.


Our office has 3 private exam rooms, each are furnished with a waterfall and live plants to make your appointment a little more peaceful.

We also have 2 separate rooms, one is used as a laser therapy room and the other is often used for IV Vitamin C therapy.

Our herbal room is quite extensive to make sure we use the right combinations for your pet.


Please read our informative posters, look at our patients photos on our walls, ¬†and relax and enjoy your time while at IVC we are here to make your pet’s life healthier and happier. We hope to see you soon!