Chinese Herbal Formulas for Veterinarians

by John K. Chen, Tina T. Chen, Signe E. Beebe and Michael Salewski

Chinese Herbal Formulas for Veterinarians is the first textbook written on the classical Chinese herbal formulas for veterinary use. It integrates historical foundations of Chinese herbal medicine with contemporary research and clinical applications in veterinary medicine. While maintaining a firm focus on equipping today’s Traditional Chinese Medicine veterinary professional for superior practice, the authors carefully combine perspectives on pharmacology, relevant research and clinical experience to provide a clear understanding for veterinarians who wish to integrate Chinese herbal medicine into their daily clinical practice.


Detailed traditional and veterinary uses, preparation, administration, dosages, combinations, cautions, contraindications and toxicology

Comprehensive pharmacology of herbal medicinal formulas, with insights on concurrent uses of herbal formulas and pharmaceuticals

Documentation from clinical studies and published research, as well as pre-publication review contributions from over 140 academic, clinical, research and regulatory professionals



  • Clinical experience and application of herbal formulas in veterinary practice
  • Authors’ comments and case studies drawn from clinical experience
  • Suggested acupuncture treatment to complement each herbal formula
  • Profiles of the doctors without whom there would be no Chinese medicine: insights into the historical context and backgrounds of those famous individuals who shaped our understanding of disease patterns, treatment strategies and herbal formulas.

This book is a “must have” for those who practice or are interested in veterinary applications of Chinese herbal medicine. You can purchase the book by clicking here >

The Clinical Handbook of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine

by Signe Beebe DVM, Michael Salewski DVM, Lorena Monda, DOM, John Scott, DOM

The Clinical Handbook of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine is a valuable resource for the application of Chinese herbs in the Western veterinary clinic. In addition to in-depth information about each prescription, indexes and quick guides make administration of herbs easy for experts, as well as those who are just beginning to integrate Chinese herbalism into a clinical practice.

The handbook features an introduction to traditional Chinese veterinary medical theory, conditions treated, usage, dosage recommendations and safe application of Chinese herbs as well as a symptom index, equine considerations, and exposition of Chinese herbal formulas commonly used in modern veterinary practice, including Western biomedical indications, contraindications, and clinical notes.

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