New Appointments

New Client Consultations

  1. IVC is accepting new clients, please call us as soon as possible at 916-454-1825 to set up an appointment.
  2. Please download and bring in your completed client registration and medical history forms.
  3. New client consultations are 30-45 minutes in duration. Acupuncture is not typically performed during this time. If you wish to have acupuncture at the time of your initial consult, you must schedule additional time prior to your visit. Additional fees will be charged for the acupuncture.
  4. Please bring or have faxed all medical and surgical records for your pet to include: UCDavis records, all diagnostic (radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy, biopsy) and laboratory reports. Failure to provide previous veterinary records will slow and/or prevent a full comprehensive evaluation of your pet at the time of initial consultation. This information is also required for all nutritional consultations.
  5. Please bring in all current prescription medications, diet supplements and vitamins.
  6. If you have not completed your paperwork before your appointment, please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment to do this. Late arrivals and delays in registration decrease the amount of time the doctor has to meet with you to discuss your pet’s condition.
  7. The amount of information given at the initial visit can be enormous. It is encouraged that you write down any information you need to take home with you. Likewise, if you have specific questions you would like to ask, please write them down before your visit so they may be discussed during your appointment.

Wellness Checks or Recheck Client Appointments

  • Wellness Checks and Recheck appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes
  • Rechecks include maintenance acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional & chiropractic