IVC Policies


For your safety and that of your pet and other clients, please keep dogs on a leash at all times and properly controlled. All cats, pocket pets and reptiles must be confined in an appropriate carrier. If you do not have a leash or carrier, one will be provided for you.


Payment in full is expected at the time of service no exceptions. Most major pet insurance companies will reimburse acupuncture, alternative and complementary services offered by IVC. Please consult with your insurance company before your visit to see what they will cover.
Payments accepted are cash, personal checks, Visa, American Express and Mastercard.


Due to the high volume of patients which require our services, we are sorry that IVC doctors will be unable to see patients that arrive more than 15 minutes late for their appointment. Each IVC client has reserved a specific time for their pet; if late arrivals are seen regardless of time, then other clients who are on time would be asked to wait unfairly. We know that traffic and other difficulties can sometimes make a client late for their appointment and, time providing, we will try to work you into our schedule; however, this is not always possible. Please call us as soon as possible if you know you will be arriving late. In the event that we are unable to see your pet, we will work with you to schedule another appointment.


Should you need to cancel your appointment, please call us 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. Canceling your appointment on the same day or not keeping your appointment makes this time unavailable for other sick pets that need our help. This is especially true for new consultations. In the event you cancel more than 3 times we will need a prepayment before your next visit.


At the IVC, we do our best to treat each of our clients and their pets with kindness, compassion and courtesy. Our staff will make every effort to keep your waiting to a minimum, answer your questions and address your concerns. We know that anyone can have a bad day, and that the illness of a pet can be a difficult, emotional time but please extend courtesy to the ones who are here trying to help.