As we took our sixteen year old dog, Gizmo, into see Dr. Beebe for the first time, we worried we might have to put him down.  He was unable to get up without help, could barely walk and just seemed to be giving in to the inevitable. Dr. Beebe quickly diagnosed him as having Cushing’s disease, which was making his diabetes worse. After running some tests, she completely changed his diet, treated him with western medicines, eastern herbs, and acupuncture. His improvement is unbelievable.  Within two weeks, he was able to get up on his own; he was walking better and seemed more like his old self.  He continues Dr. Beebe’s acupuncture and medicine regimen.  He just keeps getting better and better.  His blood sugar level is normal and his Cushing’s symptoms gone. After several months, he is happy, playful, and acts more like a senior puppy than an old dog.
Thank you Dr. Beebe!!!
Sherlaine and John Little
My wife and I relocated to Sacramento in 2008 with our West Highland White Terrier (Langley) and Scottish Terrier (Brindie). By this time, we focused on a more holistic approach toward veterinary care for our animals based on our experiences in Washington State. We are so grateful for the care of our dogs by Dr. Beebe, Dr. Stevens, Diana, Jennafer and Kristen. They are compassionate people who cared about our dogs right up until the time each passed away. 
When Langley was two years old he completely tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and damaged his meniscus. At that time, we chose to do the tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO) by a veterinarian in Washington State. The surgery was a success but very expensive and had a long recovery time. Five years later Langley completely tore the ACL in his other leg. This time we decided to try prolotherapy with Dr. Beebe. Aside from being far less invasive and half as expensive as surgery, the results were terrific.  After just four treatments spread out over four months it was as though he had never damaged the knee.
Our Scottish Terrie Brindie had a common malady among her breed which was liver disease. In June of 2010 her liver numbers began to double every six months which according to Dr. Beebe was most likely chronic hepatitis. She started Brindie on a regimen of acupuncture (every eight weeks) and Chinese herbs to help her liver (among other things). Although Brindie’s numbers continued to rise, her quality of life was the same as the day she began her treatment. And, she lived longer than most Scotties (she passed away in November at age 13). As Dr. Beebe often said, “I base treatment on the animal, not solely on the test results.” We have no doubt that the length and quality of her life was enhanced by Integrative Veterinary Center.
Langley died suddenly and unexpectedly, but Brindie, at age 13 went downhill quickly. When it became too difficult for her to continue we asked Dr. Beebe and staff to help us put her to sleep. It was a moving and compassionate act which we will never forget. It was very peaceful for Brindie and us. We still use Integrative Veterinary Center today for my mother’s dog, so we are lucky enough to occasionally see Dr. Beebe and her staff. When the time comes for us to have dogs again we will most certainly take them to IVC. Their results cannot be denied and their caring and compassion is unequaled.
Brad Dell
Sacramento, CA
Hi everybody– I just want you all know I appreciate all the great things you did for me and Rio. Along with the IV Vitamin C therapy and your kindness I got to say goodbye to Rio in the proper way. I appreciate your card and all the sentiments you wrote about my special girl!! She was the best and I think you guys know she was a very loving and kind soul who will be missed not just by me but by a lot of people. Sometimes I second guess myself about letting her but at the end of the day I think I did the right thing. I’m sure I will come to terms with her death but it will be awhile. You guys are a class act and I would recommend you to anybody who is my position. Please share this with everyone because you were all a big help thank you again.
James Davis
 Dr. Beebe and staff extended my retired K9 life six months past what other vet’s had predicted. Diagnosed with a heart based tumor last Feb. we were told 2-4 months. With weekly Vitamin C IV’s she remained stable and the tumor stagnant. She finally reached the end on Dec. 20th. Dr. Beebe and staff demonstrated love and compassion for my guardian. Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was time. Thank you IVC!
Brad and Sally Romero
    Our shar pei, Bella, has been a patient of Dr. Beebe’s for the past four years.  Bella was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor when she first turned four.  We were told that the prognosis for dogs with this type of cancer is not very good but, since the surgeon refused to operate because he could not get “clean margins”, our best option was to have her undergo chemo therapy, which would cost approximately $10,000.  At this point we decided to look into other options.
A friend suggested taking Bella to Dr. Beebe.  Her boss took her dog to Dr. Beebe and altough it wasn’t even close to the same type of problem, she said Dr. Beebe did wonders for her dog.  When Dr. Beebe first saw Bella, she said the first thing we had to do was to get the mass removed and referred us to a surgeon who would do the surgery.  The mass was removed, we changed Bella to a no grain diet, she takes a mix of vitamins, herbs and other supplements, and she is healthy and happily alive four years later.  At the time we first took Bella to Dr. Beebe, we were looking to extend her life for a little while longer, not even thinking that she’d still be with us four years down the road.  While she’s had to have two or three other masses removed, she always bounces right back. We can’t thank Dr. Beebe and her excellent staff for their continued care and treatment of Bella.
Bridget and Bruce Shibata
    Dr Beebe has been outstanding.  I sought out Dr Beebe, to assist with my  Golden Retriever who had a partially torn ACL.  She was doing so good with my one Golden I asked if she could see my other.  My three year old Golden Retriever, was doing well until one day, after receiving annual shots; she started growing a Benign Infiltrative tumor on her neck.  Treated with surg , because she was thought to have  a lipoma by my western Dr.  My nightmare begun.  The Tumor came back  with a vengeance.  A year later, and multiple times at my western Dr, who by the way was on pregnancy leave so I had to see others.  A 5 pound tumor grew on her neck.  The other western Dr told me it was just a lipoma, until my Dr returned.  My golden had surg to remove the 5 pound tumor then followed up with Radiation therapy.  I was told then that this is a infiltrative tumor not just a lipoma.  Of course, very rare.  It would not kill her, just  infiltrate the joints and cause her extreme pain.  So Bad, that I would have to put her down.  The Radiation was stop her growth of the tumor.  But because of the extent of the tumor,  they hoped it would last at least two years before it would start growing back.  If it was to start growing back, there was nothing they could do.  One year later I noted  tumor growing back on her r shoulder . That is when I asked Dr Beebe to see her.  She immediately started her on IV Vit C in large doses.   And herbs for tumors.  We have begin doing this for 1 year  and my Golden’s Tumor has decreased in size to just her R shoulder.  Her quality of life is OUTSTANDING.  She will be 7 in November.  I can not thank Dr Beebe enough for her help with BOTH my Golden’s.  And by the way.  My Golden with the now torn ACL is doing well.  Unable to get the Surg for my Golden’s ACL.  I would be unable to keep her quiet for 8 weeks after surg.  She is getting Prolo therapy on her knee  from Dr Beebe, as needed.  She is very happy and leading a good Quality of life also.  Dr Beebe has been wonderful.  She is an OUTSTANDING VET.
Carol Davis